Perfect hair & makeup is not a myth...

Trying out a new hair or makeup look for your wedding day is always a bit of a risky game, right?

Do you hire someone a friend recommended in the hope that the hair or makeup artist knows what they are doing?

Luckily for you, we're taking the stress out of your bridal preview session.

Our small team of carefully chosen hair and makeup professionals are highly trained so you can trust they know a thing or two about how to work with skin and hair.

"With over 150+ hours of rigorous training, each artists knows exactly how to create the most 'on-trend' bridal hair and makeup styles which means each and every bride who hires us feels confident in our abilities"

I'm a Multi-award winning bridal hairstylist who has worked in the wedding industry for over 15 years, following a long established career in hairdressing.

I have a real passion for quality work and gorgeous results.

As team leader , I spend as much time as I can matching artists with brides to be like you- so you can get to know, like and trust your wedding professional in advance of your preview session.

Not only do I know all my artists on a professional level, I know them on a personal level too, to help them create your vision for your special day.


“With over 17,000 hours of experience delivering exceptional service to brides, our business has picked up multi-national awards from TWIA, The British Hair and Beauty Awards, Salon UK Awards and The Wedding Business Awards which means you are in very safe hands"

You can find The Bridezilla Podcast, waiting for you on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple.  Join Kellie on a monthly podcast experience into the world of bridal hair and make-up. You can expect insightful chats with our team members and industry experts,  behind-the-scenes glimpse from our real brides and entertaining "Bridezilla" tales from Kellie and the team (some are jaw dropping!)
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